Passing Down Traditions with Freshness and Quality

Best Prices & Offers

Shop lower prices than your local supermarket. Great deals and cashback offers that help you save money

Wide Assortment

Choose from thousands of products across food, personal care, household & many other categories

Easy Returns

If you’re not fully satisfied with a product, most of our items can be returned within 30 days of purchase

Beauty & Wellness

We offer only the best in all natural makeup, skincare and beauty products. Al Bazaar Market is dedicated to providing only clean, natural beauty products that work the way you want and are also good for you. We believe everyone deserves to look radiant and present the best version of you


Shop Al Bazaar Market for all your most wanted fruit-based juice drinks, beverages and floats

Coffee & Tea

Shop Al Bazaar Market for freshly roasted Arabic coffee from finely ground to famous coffee beans and herbal teas


Explore our home collections for your essential cooking needs including clay or steel pots and pans as well as large serving trays and platters


Al Bazaar Market offers many of your dairy needs including yogurts, creams and cheeses


Shop Al Bazaar Market for your favorite packaged Halal meats like beef Mortadella, Halal hot dogs and Halal bacon

Fresh Bakery

Shop Al Bazaar Market for homemade oven fresh bread like pita and shrak in addition to premium cookies and dates

Fresh Fish

Shop Al Bazaar Market for the best choices of fresh seafood and fish

Fresh Meats

Al Bazaar Market provides Zabiha Halal cut meats including Lamb, Beef, Goat and Chicken

Fresh Vegetables

Shop Al Bazaar Market for the top selection of fresh produce

Frozen Food

Al Bazaar Market has hundreds of low-price frozen items to choose from, so you can shop all your popular brands on your grocery list

Gifts & Souvenirs

We carry unique home decor along with stylish and trendy gifts you’ll love


Al Bazaar Market offers the most sought-after types of honey like pine honey from Turkey and coveted honey from Yemen


Shop Al Bazaar Market providing a wide variety of premium quality hookahs, shisha flavors, charcoals, and hookah accessories.

Ice Cream/Booza

An ancient Middle Eastern dessert that is often referred to as the “first ice cream in the world” with a distinguished stretchy and chewy texture that is sweet and of the best quality


Shop Al Bazaar Market for a wide range of traditional and unique seasonings, herbs and spices for all your favorite cuisines


Shop Al Bazaar Market for gourmet, fresh-made, famous sweets, pastries and desserts


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