Swiss Arabian Leilat Al Arais Cologne 1.7 oz

Swiss Arabian Leilat Al Arais Cologne 1.7 oz

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1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray



Leilat Al Arais Cologne by Swiss Arabian, A fantasy vacation in Dubai, the jewel of the Middle East; the ocean breeze brings a hint of tropical scents as spices waft across your lanai. The air still carries the heat of the day, but a slight chill takes the edge off as she brushes past you with a side-long glance; you know the night will be magical. Swiss Arabian Leilat Al Arais captures the mood and aroma of these nights in an original cologne inspired by Dubai’s famous luxury. The top opens with zesty bergamot orange that breathlessly transitions to an exciting mix of crisp, sweet apple and energetic lemon. Intoxicating rose blends into piquant, floral carnation petals while bright and peppery cinnamon gives a brief chill. Classic patchouli is intimate and sophisticated in the base, balanced by warmly erotic amber, primal musk, and the slow scent of soft vanilla.


Swiss Arabian