Sustainability is a key indicator of quality

Little things Helps A Lot

At Albazaar, we believe every little help makes a big difference.

Albazaar is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful difference in our communities and for the planet. Our philosophy to lead through service fuels our commitment to create positive change both in our stores and in our communities. We are proud to set the standard for sustainable retailing in the convenience industry. And we’re just getting started.


Sustainability is important to our customers, and is now an intrinsic part of our business. We are continuing to lift our ambitions to drive the transformative change that is needed. Our Sustainability Plan is ambitious, but we’re confident we can achieve our goals if we all get on board and lift the bar together. That’s what we mean by working together to create a better tomorrow, and tomorrow starts now.

Working together to create a better tomorrow


People are at the heart of everything we do and one of our values is to treat people how they want to be treated. This applies to our colleagues and those we work with in our supply chains.

Colleague Health, Safety & Wellbeing

At Albazaar, we are committed to helping our colleagues be at their best, both physically and mentally. Health and safety is central to how we do business and we are committed to our vision that no one should ever be hurt while working or shopping at Albazaar Market. Beyond safety, we recognise the role we have in supporting our colleagues’ health and wellbeing and are committed to making Tesco a healthier place to work.

Inclusion & Diversity

At Albazaar, inclusion means that Everyone’s Welcome. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect; by valuing individuality and uniqueness we create a sense of belonging. Diversity and inclusion has always been at the heart of Albazaar. It is embedded in our values: we treat people how they want to be treated. We always want our colleagues to feel they can be themselves at work and we are committed to helping them be at their best.

Across the albazaar group we are building an inclusive workplace, a place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues – who in turn help to build the success of our business and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Employment & Skills

The world of work is moving at pace and as our business evolves, we want to make sure our colleagues have the skills they need to succeed now and for the future. As well as building on their existing skills, we are creating opportunities for colleagues to re skill in areas where demand is likely to increase.

Human Rights

Why it matters

One of our business values is that we treat people how they want to be treated. We want everyone who works for or with Albazaar to have their human rights upheld and we know our customers, colleagues and suppliers do too.

Overall we believe our trade is a force for good, creating jobs and opportunities for people and communities across the world. But we also want those jobs to be good jobs. It is important that clear standards are upheld around issues such as: working hours, health and safety, no child or forced labour, freedom of association and ensuring that discrimination does not take place. Where we do find evidence of human rights abuses occurring we ensure they are addressed and those affected receive redress.


Customers want great products at great value and we believe that healthy, sustainable products should be affordable to all. We’re committed to tackling important issues from farm to fork.

Animal welfare

Customers expect great products and also expect us to take animal welfare seriously when sourcing these products. We commit to continuous improvement in animal welfare within the markets in which we operate.

Customers expect great products and also expect us to take animal welfare seriously when sourcing these products. We commit to continuous improvement in animal welfare within the markets in which we operate.

Affordable, healthy, sustainable food for all

Eating a well-balanced, healthy, sustainable diet is one of the best ways we can look after our health and the health of the planet. We’re committed to helping our customers eat more healthily.

At albazaar, we believe that healthy, sustainably produced food should be accessible to everyone – whoever they are, wherever they live, whatever their budget.

We want to help our customers enjoy a better balanced diet. Our healthy, sustainable diets strategy focuses on:

  • Making our products healthier and more sustainable without compromising taste
  • Removing barriers to help customers make healthier choices
  • Inspiring customers to make changes to their lifestyle and try healthier alternatives

Food waste

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimates that approximately one third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted. At Albazaar, we think it’s simply not right that good food goes to waste when one in nine people are going hungry each night. From an environmental perspective, food loss and waste is causing around 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Albazaar Market is pleased to collaborate with Feeding America to decrease food waste and food uncertainty in our networks by giving overload, short-dated things or items with slightly harmed packaging to nearby food banks inside the Feeding America organization.

Sustainable Seafood

sustainable seafood comes from fisheries or aquaculture operations that do not threaten the survival of wild fish populations, damage the environment or incidentally have a negative impact on other species or habitats.

This means ensuring that aquatic ecosystems thrive alongside well-managed fisheries or farms, and that fish are caught or farmed using best practice methods that reduce impacts on other wildlife, particularly threatened, endangered and protected species or wildlife habitats such as coral reefs and mangroves.

Our commitment

We commit to sourcing our seafood from sources that are third-party certified or independently verified as environmentally responsible.

Wild-caught seafood

Our long term ambition is to have all of our wild-caught seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or equally credible certification schemes.

The MSC is a global, non-profit organization which works with business and NGO partners to improve the health of the world’s oceans by transforming seafood markets towards sustainability. The MSC uses an ecolabel and a fishery certification program to recognise and reward sustainable fishing practices, and to influence the choices business and consumers make when buying seafood.

Farmed seafood

For farmed seafood, our aim is to have all products third-party certified. The certification schemes currently recognised by Woolworths are:

  • The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)
  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

Albazaar is committed to providing its own brand foods that do not contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Albazaar defines genetically modified to mean food produced using gene technology that contains novel DNA or novel protein. Ingredients which are derived from GM but are highly refined so contain no novel DNA are permitted for use. We do not prohibit suppliers from using GM feed in the production of our non-organic meat, eggs and milk but we do offer customers an organic range. Animals used to produce all our own brand organic range of meat, eggs and milk are reared on non-GM feed.

Sustainable commodities

In near future, most of our high-impact commodities (e.g. tea, coffee) in our Own Brand products, including raw materials, will be sourced sustainably.

Public concerns about sustainable agriculture and the working conditions for small farmers and workers in the developing world in areas such as tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar production have created a growing market for independently certified products such as, FairtradeTM, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ.These certification schemes aim for better prices and acceptable working conditions for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Tea, Coffee and Chocolate

We offer our customers a wide range of certified coffee and chocolate products in our Own Brand as well as other popular brands. All of our tea, coffee and chocolate blocks are now certified by either FairtradeTM, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ.

Palm Oil

Albazaar Market is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a multi-stakeholder organisation comprising retailers, manufacturers, palm oil producers, traders and non-government organisations. It sets global standards for palm oil production and manages a certification scheme. 100% of the palm oil in our Own Brand food products supports the production of certified sustainable palm oil. Woolworths also commits to using physical RSPO-certified palm oil through the identity preserved, segregated or mass balance supply chain models, by phasing out any remaining Book & Claim palm oil.

Albazaar has also committed to labelling palm oil to give customers choice and labels our own brand food products where palm oil is used as an ingredient.


Most of the products we sell are packaged in some way and can then have additional packaging to protect them during transportation, display in store or for the customer to carry home. Right along the supply chain, we need to work with our suppliers to make the packaging as efficient as possible without causing any damage to the product. We have the greatest level of control over the packaging of our own brand and exclusive products and this is where we are focusing our efforts to minimise waste.

Albazaar has several organic produce suppliers who have recently adopted recycled packaging and we have completed the total elimination of polystyrene trays from our produce organics supply network converting to compostable trays or recyclable plastic. We will continue to work with all of our suppliers to actively pursue packaging alternatives that reduce the amount of packaging or increase its recyclability where possible.

To urge our clients to go along with us in making strides for ecological supportability, we have joined forces with How2Recycle® to give clear recycling information on our product packaging. When packaging has different segments, for instance a plastic plate inside a paper box, we give recycling information to both.


Whether it’s our fresh meat and dairy, fruit and vegetables, or the ingredients which go into our prepared meals and grocery products, all have their origins on farms around the world. We aim to sustainably source our agricultural products and our sustainable agriculture agenda aims to promote food production that is compatible with protecting water resources, biodiversity, climate and soil health.

We expect all our largest suppliers to have their own sustainable agriculture strategies to address their most material farm-level impacts and risks, and we work collaboratively with them to share best practice and build farm-level improvement/management plans.