Eco Splash Premium Bidet

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Eco Splash Premium Bidet


  • Warm and Cold water
  • Dual Jet Design
  • Self Cleaning
  • Fits most toilets
  • Fast Installation

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Eco-Splash bidet basic is a premium bidet add-on for your existing toilet. It is equipped with two dials. One selects the direction of water spray jets and the second one turns on the self-cleaning mode. Bidet basic can be installed on any standard toilet. ( please see the installation manual for details) With this package, you will receive all the components necessary to install the unit in your bathroom yourself. Bidet basic does not need any electrical connections and is fully functional with just a single water line connection. It uses the same water line your toilet uses to fill its tank. The installation is very simple and quick and does not require special tools.


Eco Splash

Weight 2.25 lbs