California Medjool Fancy Dates 4 lbs.

- 10%

California Medjool Fancy Dates 4 lbs.


At Orchid Dates we are closely involved in the date production from pollination, thinning, bagging, and harvesting to ensure optimum size and quality of the Medjool Dates.



Medjool Dates arrive at our packing house daily during the date season. After the initial quality check at the receiving point, we clean and sort the dates according to our high-quality standards. Any dates that do not meet our standards will be discarded. The dates are then sized by weight to four sizes of Jumbo, Large, Medium, and Small. We also sort the dates according to softness; the soft dates will be packed as Rotab Medjool Dates.

We use the latest FDA-approved food-grade machinery to process the dates. We use only a small amount of water to brush the dates. Minimal processing, no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial materials.

Weight 4.50 lbs