Oued Souss Moroccan Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Oued Souss Moroccan Virgin Olive Oil 1L


The Oued Souss olive oil is the most famous Moroccan oil. It has been in families’ kitchens since 1948!
Its authentic flavor allows you to fully taste traditional dishes and our regions’ fine cuisine.

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Extracted from carefully selected olives, Oued Souss olive oil’s flavor is unique and inimitable.
It perfectly enhances the taste of your tagines, soups, gratins, and pasta.
It gives personality to your salads and crudités, as well as your fried food and pastries. A loaf of bread, Oued Souss…and your breakfast will be deliciously beldi, healthy, and nutritional.

Tradition & modernity

Oued Souss is a traditional oil with an authentic taste and a beautiful green and amber color.
It provides all the food safety guarantees you should expect compliance with health standards throughout the entire manufacturing process, quality control, traceability, and sealed packaging.


Olive oil is known to be particularly healthy. Combined with a healthy diet, it contributes to preventing cardiovascular diseases and fights bad cholesterol.
Daily consumption of olive oil, rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, protects your heart and your arteries. It could also help prevent certain cancers and limits the risks of diabetes.


Oued Souss is available in various formats, for all occasions and all budgets.

To preserve all its taste and nutritional qualities, store away from light.

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Oued Souss