Yasmeen White Musk Al Tahara 12ml

Yasmeen White Musk Al Tahara 12ml


Yasmeen Alcohol-Free White Musk al Tahara. Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind thick concentrated White Musk Al Tahara. This oil can be used for Women or Men, it is unisex. When using it, you do not need much. Lather a little on the skin and rub the musk along the skin. You can lather it on the hand, along the neck, or any part of the body that you desire.

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  • A unique floral scent – including aromas of lilies, violets, and vanilla. In addition, White lotus blossoms, white musk, and honey. A thick and slick oil of pure white musk. Soft and sumptuous, this oil carries the fresh, clean scent of enduring delight. Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Everyday Wear: Without the dilution of water and or alcohol, this white musk fragrance is more potent than your traditional perfumes. Every application shall array unique floral scents, warm vanilla, and white musk throughout the entire day.
  • Occasion: Yasmeen Pure White Musk al Tahara 12 ml high quality for Women and Men Fragrances Concentrated Thick Oil Attar Perfume.
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